Stringing Machine  TE-2100
Stringing Machine  TE-2100

Stringing Machine TE-2100

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The TE-2100 is an advanced electronic machine has a "6 point self-centring suspension mounting system" which decreases the loading and unloading time as well as providing ample room to move under the string bed. It also comes with high quality 5 tooth hybrid column clamps and 4 tool trays. It has the ability to set the pull speed (low, medium or high) as well as the pre-stretch value (0, 5,10 ,15 or 20%).

What makes this machine stand out from the rest is the auto locking turntable. Each time you pull a string, the turntable will lock automatically. There is no need to pick and choose when to apply the brake, it's applied automatically on every pull (it can be disabled if you prefer).

Furthermore, the linear gripper has two micro switches which trigger the pulling mechanism as soon as the string is gripped. Billiards (the 12 & 6 o'clock supports) are provided for both tennis and also badminton/squash, along with optional load spreaders.

The height adjustable stand is included as a standard feature, however it comes with rubber feet pre-installed for conversion to a table top model if that is your preference.

  • Advanced electronic machine
  • Sturdy construction
  • Strings tennis, squash & badminton
  • Constant pull
  • Measures in kilograms or pounds Tension range: 11lbs to 82lbs (in 0.5lbs increments), 5 kg to 40 kg (in 0.2 kg increments)
  • Pre-stretch 0, 5, 10, 15 or 20% (extra values 15 & 20% were introduced in 2020)
  • 3 pull speeds - low, medium & high
  • Knot function button can add 10% to your final pull before tying off
  • Last used settings are saved when the machine is turned off
  • Pull count feature
  • Linear gripper
  • Diablo
  • Auto locking turntable (can be turned off if preferred)
  • Self-centring suspension mounting system
  • Full 360° turntable rotation
  • Optional badminton/squash and tennis load spreaders provided
  • Automatic base clamps (updated design in 2020 - not shown in above photos)
  • Professional hybrid tennis clamps
  • Table top feet ready for conversion to bench top model
  • Height adjustable stand: string bed height ranges from 105cm to 116cm
  • 4 Tool Trays (2 on the turntable)
  • A high quality stringing tool kit (refer below)
    • Bent nosed pliers
    • String Cutter
    • String straightener
  • Two year warranty

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